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Karkalicious Lyrics :D
Four, three, two, fuck you.
Listen up y'all, this shit is ironic-- 
Strider's beats are best suited to Trolls Hooked on Phonix!
Karkalicious definition makes Terezi loco 
She wants to know the secrets that she can't taste in my photo. 
Dyin' just to know the flavor 
I ain't doin' her no favors 
No reasons why I tease 
Her flush just comes and goes like seasons.
I'm Karkalicious (so delicious) 
No, I don't DO Kismesis. 
And if you read any fanfics 
All that shit is fictitious. 
I blow kisses (mwah!) 
Don't matter if we're just moiraills 
Trolls be lining down the veil for a chance to fill a pail 
(Four, three, two, fuck you.)
So delicious (Super sweet) 
So delicious (Fuckin' adorabloodthirsty) 
So delicious (Even Egbert wants a piece o' me) 
I'm Karkalicious (l-l-l-l-like candy, candy)
Karkalicious def-, 
Karkalicious def-,
Goddammit, Doc Scratch, stop fucking around with my mic-
Karkalicious defin
:iconinvaderrain1:InvaderRain1 11 3
GFDI Dave- Broadway Karkat
God fucking dammit Dave
There goes the last shit that I ever gave
Isn't it ironic? Used to be platonic
Then I realized I'm horns over heels for
God fucking dammit Dave
Making bedroom eyes at any
Pretty boy or girl or troll,
He always knows just how to piss me off
Even if I beg he won't lay off
God fucking dammit Dave
If only I could manage to escape
All your hipster witchcraft, don't you fucking dare laugh
Just leave me alone, I just need some time alone, no
(I just need some time alone no, I just need some time alone no!, I just need some time alone!)
*siiiigh* God fucking dammit Dave
This bridge is shitty so you might feel pity
For my tragic tale of incompatibility
Can you distract me when he's so attractively
Holding my weakness against me, the bastard
Will he persist even after I kiss him
I hate him, I love him
But I keep on trying to prove that
I loathe how I swoon
I'm losing my confidence
I want you x8
God fucking dammit Dave!
If I had a star to wish on
For my life I cant imagine
:iconjamiisylvia:JamiiSylvia 17 15
Homestuck Aradia x Equius(AraEq) - Above but Under
Above but Under
(An Aradia x Equius [AraEq] Fanfiction)
Summary: Equius pushes his rust-blooded lover for his personal pleasure, but unknown to everyone, Aradia is really the one who pulls all the shots behind closed doors.
“Aradia...I need you to...get me...a clean towel.” The blue blooded troll spoke to his rust-blooded lover as she combed her hair in her red room. He walked by on purpose, just to order her to do something.
She continued brushing her long strands before whining slightly, “You are so weird, you make robots but you ask me to do things for you.”
He told her softly but firmly, “Aradia, you are a lowblood...I need....I need a towel.”
She rolled her eyes, “No, not until you ask properly.”
Equius’ voice got more serious as he ordered once more, “Aradia.”
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 1 0
Mature content
Homestuck GamKar (Gamzee x Karkat) - Intertwined :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 34 30
Mature content
Homestuck Erisol (Sollux X Eridan) - My Bloodmate :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 41 109
You'll Survive- John x Mpreg!Dave Part 2
“Okay so dude, what the fuck are you doing?” Dave asked, looking at John who was now currently had his head laying in Dave’s lap, or however much of a “lap” Dave had left. Damn kid was getting in the way anymore.
“Listening,” John said, putting his ear to Dave’s stomach. Dave just stared at him, then tapped on his shoulder. John looked up at Dave.
“What are you listening for?” He asked. John shrugged.
“Many things. Mostly just for the heartbeat.” He answered. Dave sighed and leaned back against the bed frame more than he was earlier. John nuzzled Dave’s stomach, sitting up and straddling Dave’s waist.
Dave looked up at his boyfriend and smirked. Oh, he was going to go down this route? Alright, that’s fine, that’s fine. John leaned down and pecked Dave’s lips, but as he pulled away, Dave wrapped his arms around John’s neck and pulled him even closer.
John rubbed Dave’s sides
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 20 10
You'll Survive (John x Mpreg!Dave) AU
This wasn’t supposed to happen. You were supposed to protect him. You were supposed to be there for him. You promised you wouldn’t hurt him.
You leaned against your door, slumping against it and falling to the floor. Your father stood in the living room, talking to none other than Bro Strider. A disappointed look on your father’s face, how could you ever explain this to him?
Well, the cat’s out of the bag. He knows. You closed your eyes and held your head in your hands. How could you do this to him? The one person who trusted you.
Dave loved you. And you did THIS to him? How could you ever face him again? What you had done, was something you promised him you wouldn’t do.
Dave, your best friend, was now carrying a child. YOUR child. You couldn’t wrap your head around that. However the hell it happened didn’t matter. It was done. You couldn’t erase what had happened.
Slowly, you brought yourself up to your feet and opened the door cautiousl
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 32 9
Dave x Mpreg!Karkat- Rearrange Your Vertebrate
“Dave, I feel fat.” Karkat said, looking in the mirror. Dave walked over and stood beside him, smirking.
“Nah man, you’re fine. Just full of children is all.” Dave told him.
“If I ever hear you say that again, I will rearrange your vertebrate.” Karkat growled, laying down on the bed behind him.
Dave and Karkat had mated. Interspecies mating. Even though trolls and humans lived side by side now, it was still strange for them to even interact. But they were now going to have kids. They weren’t sure if they would be human or grub, and to be honest, Karkat really didn’t want to know. He just wanted them out of his body.
Dave on the other hand, couldn’t care less what happened. He just liked making snide jokes about it to the mutant troll. Sure, he cared about those kids, but he didn’t want to just dwell on it. He was a young adult for petes sake! He shouldn’t be tied down by these kids!
“But Dave, look at me. I f
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 60 13
Vanarmer: Don't you think... by dragonmastrcrashrokz Vanarmer: Don't you think... :icondragonmastrcrashrokz:dragonmastrcrashrokz 10 6,667 Smurfs- Chisette Chronicles Chapter 1 opener by dragonmastrcrashrokz Smurfs- Chisette Chronicles Chapter 1 opener :icondragonmastrcrashrokz:dragonmastrcrashrokz 4 0 Smurfs- The Chisette Chronicles- Cover by dragonmastrcrashrokz Smurfs- The Chisette Chronicles- Cover :icondragonmastrcrashrokz:dragonmastrcrashrokz 9 0 Chaka and Unamed by AmberJF Chaka and Unamed :iconamberjf:AmberJF 79 9 Greedy Horror Movie by acla13 Greedy Horror Movie :iconacla13:acla13 51 67 Ferocious Greedy by acla13 Ferocious Greedy :iconacla13:acla13 20 34 Ich bin ein Ballett-Girl by Shini-Smurf Ich bin ein Ballett-Girl :iconshini-smurf:Shini-Smurf 131 124 Smurfy DJ by Shini-Smurf Smurfy DJ :iconshini-smurf:Shini-Smurf 48 36


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